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Fitness / Figure Pro


Fox Channel 5 SD

Promoting Kango Jumps newest fitness craze

Commercial for volkswagen, Canada

“Together at last” as a fitness women showing her strength, power and muscle. September 2, 2008

Ms. Fitness USA finals Fox sports net

Aired 1999, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2008

ABC Night News 7/4/07

Showing Rado and my pair’s fitness routine from the Muscle Beach Classic

ABC Reality Show "Wife Swap"

1st aired Nov. 2004 (is still airing (reruns) on TV all over world in many different languages)

ABC Nightly News 2005

Promoting other Wife Swap shows and the behind the scenes of the filming of the show
Throughout my experiences I’ve learned that “you’re never too old AND it’s never too late to achieve the Ultimate Fit Life!

ABC Monday Night Live

Aired after Monday night Football ESPN Zone promoting Fitness America Pageant – November 2005


ultra flex Product

2009 -

Nutrition express

Lindberg Nutrition Magazine - Jan-Dec 2009
Pitch person for "Pink Pack" Multivitamin & Supplements packet for women

Ironman Magazine

September 2008 issue Rado and Dena’s 9 page spread. (From out Fittest Couple win – February 2008 at LA Fit Expo with the Pro Ironman show

My Pictures and articles have appeared in:

  • Ms. Fitness Magazine
  • Oxygen Magazine
  • Gymnast Magazine
  • Fitness and Physique Magazine
  • Natural Muscle Magazine
  • Several non-U.S. fitness publications from 1999 - present

Guest Appearances

2006 to 2008

Guest appearances for Pairs fitness routine with Fitness Partner Rado Pagac for different affiliation:

  • OCB
  • INBA
  • ABA
  • Muscle Beach Shows
  • FAME
  • Triple A Fitness and Aerobics
  • Fitness America and Musclemania

2012 - 2016

Guest Appearance and showcase performances with Ivan Berkovic for Professional cabaret theater arts ballroom dancing.

2017 - Present

Now doing guest appearances and showcase performances with my new professional cabaret theater arts ballroom dance partner Nathan Brouwer, as well as Acro Yoga showcases.

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