The way my mother tells the story, from the moment I was born in Los Angeles, she knew I was going to be a fierce little competitor.  Put me on the floor with other babies and I could crawl faster, stand up longer and cry louder, alas her dainty little girl was destined to be a “Jock!  By age 4 I was ice skating and skiing; at 7, I was at the YMCA taking gymnastics, my “tomboy years”, included football and soccer with my brother.  It didn’t matter what the sport was – you would always find me in the middle of it, heading for the lead. At 15, we moved to Orange County where I was on the USA Jr. Elite National Gymnastics Team,  training 4 to 6 hours a day for the ultimate goal of competing at the 1980 Olympics.  Unfortunately, President Jimmy Carter boycotted the USA team from participating in the Olympics that year.  Disappointed but undaunted, I moved forward and that very same year, I was thrilled to receive athletic scholarships to numerous colleges around the country.  I opted to attend UCLA for their great gymnastics team and coaches. Nicknamed “Tiger Geiger” by my teammates, I was enjoying gymnastics and everything associated with college life. By my senior year, I had grown 7 inches and blew my knee out while competing. (Exit to Plan B)  I transferred to SDSU in San Diego to pursue a Business Degree in Marketing where, at age 19, I fell madly in love with my boyfriend, KR, and we’ve been together ever since! 

After graduating college I started my career in the Mortgage Banking Industry while KR headed back East to attend Aviation Officers and Naval Jet Flight Training Schools. After KR graduated he was assigned to fly jets in San Diego. He looked so great in that uniform, I wasn’t about to let him get away!  We were married in July 1988 and over the next 3 ½ years I gave birth to our 3 sons. (We just celebrated our 20th Wedding Anniversary – still madly in love and going strong!)

In the early 90’s pursuing my version of the American Dream, I decided to stop working for others and started my own company in the Mortgage Industry.  Then, in 1994, at age 32, I attended a gymnastics reunion where my old teammates dared “Tiger Geiger” to compete in an upcoming fitness show.  Would I do it?  Could I do it? Here I was in my 30’s with 3 small babies at home (when most people set aside the dreams of their youth to follow more traditional roles).  I have to admit, after giving birth to 3 babies, virtually one right after the other; I was a little out of shape.  This challenge would give me the opportunity to get back in shape and compete again, which I greatly missed.  So, parroting a great line from an old war movie I said, “Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead!”  I knew I would have to rely on the talent and knowledge I had gained from my previous 14 years of intense gymnastics training and nutritional practices if I was going to be ready to compete in a fitness show.  I thought, it really couldn’t be that different from all the other competitions I participated in – Oh Boy was I wrong!  I will never forget that first show - What a humbling experience! The Galaxy Fitness Show was held in Florida, January 1995.  I arrived at the show thinking I was prepared and ready to win.  As soon as I walked through the door, I knew I was in trouble.  Although it was the middle of winter, beautiful women with impeccable make-up and great tans, were wearing custom bathing suits that highlighted every curve of their body and extremely high heals that accentuated and elongated their legs providing each woman with a leaner, toned on-stage presentation.  I stood beside them, white as a ghost (Tanning products - Never heard of them!)  At 5’6 in flat shoes with my hair in a ponytail and absolutely no make-up on, I must have looked like a little girl.  Adding insult to injury, I was wearing my favorite bathing suit, one that made me look really HOT – or so I thought!  Yikes, I just had a crash course in “Preparation PLUS Presentation make a Lasting Impression on Stage” A Lesson WELL Learned! 

Fast forward 16 years.  As of today I have competed in 85 fitness and figure shows worldwide under 14 different affiliations and the majority of my National and International Titles were won in my 40’s!  In November 2005, at age 43, I was the oldest woman to ever win the Fitness America Pageant. Another fitness affiliation I participate in,   Ms Fitness recommended me to the producers of an ABC reality TV show called “Wife Swap” I found this experience to be extremely rewarding.  Through the implementation of health, fitness and nutritional programs, combined with positive attitude and mental toughness I was able to help transform an entire family’s lifestyle.  Since the show first aired and even today as it is seen in reruns around the world, I continue to receive letters from viewers asking for advice and assistance in creating a healthier lifestyle for their families.     

Throughout my experiences I’ve learned that “you’re never too old AND it’s never too late to achieve the Ultimate Fit Life!    


Education Level/Academic achievements: Graduated from Mission Viejo High
School top 10 in my class. GPA 3.76. I was awarded an athletic scholarship
to UCLA for gymnastics. I then transferred to SDSU to pursue my Business
Marketing degree. I received a Bachelor of Science Degree, Business
Administration Marketing.

I have owned my own Mortgage Banking Corporation since 1991. I hold a California Real Estate License and a NMLS Morgage banking lic.ense. I am a Loan officer and processing consultant.

I have finished and received my personal training certification:
FITA Fitness, INC. 500 hours of Fitness Certifications: personal Training,
Nutrition, Anatomy and Physiology and Practical Application Academy

American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal training program.

Training History

Years in training:
All my life in sports.

Years competing: 1995 to Current:
                               85 fitness shows and figure shows
                               Competitions and Guest appearances.
Why did I start training: I have been a competitive athlete all my life. It is a way of life, a life style for my entire family. I am a role model for my children. Stay active and stay healthy, no matter what age you are. I motivate and encourage people that I come in contact with about the importance of being healthy and fit in body, mind and spirit!!!   

My athletic background/Accomplishments/Experience/and Titles:
(Current Highlights listed to the right.)

1976 to 1979 National ranked Gymnast.
: 1977 California State Gymnastics Champion.
: 77-79 USA Gymnastics Jr. Elite Nat. Team Member.
: 1978 2nd Place Jr. Elite USA Gymnastics Nationals.
: 1980 to 1985 Gymnastics athletic scholarship to UCLA   
   And San Diego State University.
: 1995 1st place Ms. Fitness California
: 1996 1st Place Ms. Fitness Pacific Coast
: 1996 1st Place Ms. Fitness West Coast
: 1996 1st place Ms. Fitness Grand Prix
: 1998 2nd place Ms. Fitness National
: 1998 8th Place Ms. Fitness USA Finals
: 1999 6th Place NPC Fitness USA
: 1999 4th place NPC Fitness Nationals
: 1999 3rd place Natural Olympia
: 96, 97 & 98 Ms. Galaxy Obstacle Course competition.
: 96, 97, 98, 99, 00, 02, 04, 05 Fitness America Pageants
: 96, 97, 98, 00 and 02 ESPN 11 Fitness America Series
: 96, 98, 03, 04, 05, 07, 08 Ms. Fitness USA Finals.
: 2002 1st place Ms. Fitness Universe
: 2003 1st place Ms. Fitness San Diego
: 2003 6th place Ms. Fitness USA Finals
: 2003 11th place Ms. Fitness World Championships
: 2003 1st Place Ms. Figure at World Cup in Australia
: 2003 1st Place Natural Fitness Olympia in New Zealand
: 2003 3rd place Natural Figure Olympia in New Zealand
: 2004 1st Place Ms. Fitness San Diego
: 2004 1st Place Ms. Figure San Diego
: 2004 11th Place Ms. Fitness USA Finals
: 2004 1st Place Fitness routine round Ms. Fitness USA
: 2004 1st Place Super bowl of figure
: 2004 1st place Natural Fitness Olympia
: 2004 1st place Natural Fitness Universe
: 2004 9th Place Fitness America Pageant
: 2005 1st Place Ms. Fitness Nevada
: 2005 14th place Ms. Fitness USA Finals
: 2005 3rd Place Ms. Fitness Universe
: 2009 1st Place PRO AM International in Toronto Canada
: 2009 4th place Classic Fitness America; 2nd Place Masters Figure


Dena Anne Weiner Fitness Professional - Today












Dena Anne Weiner Collegiate Gymnast - 25 years ago



Weight 122
Hair blonde
Eyes hazel
Stats 34-25-32
Shoe 7.5
Location Orange Co., CA

Classic Fitness America Las Vegas Nevada 2009
4th place Classic Fitness America and 2nd Place Masters Figure

Toronto Canada for Neutron Pro/Am International for Fitness October 2009

Labor Day Muscle Beach Classic 9/2009

1st Place Pairs Fitness w/Rado

NPC National Qualifier 10/2008
Guest Appearance W/Rado Pairs Fitness

INBA Natural Olympia, San Francisco 11/2008
2nd Place Figure

INBA/NBA Fitness & Bodybuilding Hall of Fame 11/2008
Inducted to Hall of Fame

Masters Bikini America 11/2008
1st Place

Muscle Mania Championship 11/2008
Guest Appearance - Opening number for Pairs Fitness routine

Ms Fitness USA 8/2009
Finals 12th Place Open, Reno Nevada

Team USA 2007
1st Place Gold Medal in Fitness

FAME World Championships in Toronto Canada 2008
4th Place in PRO Fitness. Also 4th Place in PRO Figure

Clark Barton’s Fas-Net Fitness and model show 2008
1st Place over all winner Fitness

Clash of the female Titan 2008
Over all winner- Figure and model

LA Fitexpo, Fittest Couple Contest 2008
1st Place and Cash prize and an interview and photo shoot in Ironman Magazine

Natural Olympia in Thessaloniki Greece 2007
1st Place Gold Medal Pairs bodybuilding/fitness
1st Place Gold Medal in Fitness
2nd Place Silver Medal in Figure

Open Figure America 2007
3rd Place Tall Open

Classic Bikini America 2007
3rd Place Open

Triple A and Aerobic and Fitness Universe 2007
1st Place Open Figure

Natural Universe 2007
2nd Place Open Figure
2nd Place Open Physique

Team USA 2007
1st Place Gold Medal in Fitness

Titas FAME Hollywood show 2007
Guest appearance in Pairs Fitness
1st Place in Fitness
2nd Place in Open Figure
*Obtained my pro card in Fitness

Triple A Aerobics and Fitness Championships 2007

1st Place Pairs Fitness

Muscle Beach Classic Labor Day 2007

1st Place Pairs Bodybuilding
2nd place in Masters and Open Figure

NPC-NPC Masters Nationals 2007
10th Place 45 and over Figure Class

Muscle Beach 4th of July 2007
1st Place in Masters Figure
1st Place in Med. Open figure
1st Place Pairs body building/Fitness with Rado Pagac

Muscle Beach International Classis Memorial Day 2007
1st Place Masters Figure
2nd Place Medium Class Open figure

Fas-Net Clark Barton’s Show 2007

1st Place overall Figure
Guest Appearance Pairs Fitness

Ironman NPC Fittest Couple 2007
2nd Place with Pairs fitness partner Rado Pagac

Musclemania 2006
Opening Number, Guest appearance
2nd Place Figure tall

Classic Bikini America 2006
5th Place

Natural Universe 2007
1st Place over all Pairs, fitness/bodybuilding with Rado Pagacs

Natural Universe 2006
1st Place Masters Figure
2nd Place Open figure over all

OCB Yorkton Cup 111 Nationals 2006
3rd Place Masters and Open Figure

Team USA 2006
1st place open figure
Guest appearance Pairs Fitness

San Diego Natural Classic 2006
1st place open figure

Muscle Beach Classic 2006
1st Masters Figure
2nd Open Figure Muscle

OCB Pro-Amateur Spring Nationals 2006
1st place Masters Figure
2nd place open figure

NPC California 2006
5th place open figure tall class

Excalibur NPC open 2005
3rd place open figure tall

Fitness America Pageant 2005
1st place Winner!!!


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